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Tuition Due:

  • Tuition and fees are due at the beginning of each session a week before the first lesson.

  • A $20.00 late fee will be charged if tuition is not paid by the second lesson.

  • Lesson time can not be reserved without deposit and tuition.

  • Lesson materials are not included in cost of tuition (ex. books, instruments)


Payment Methods:

  • Rock Island Sound accepts cash, credit card, and check payments for tuition and store purchases.


Returned Check Fee

  • Returned checks will be charged a $20.00 returned check fee.



  • All students must commit to at least one session of lessons.

  • Students who start lessons in between sessions must commit to the end of the session.

  • The lesson time is decided upon registration and will stay the same throughout the session.

  • No scheduling change is allowed during the session.



  • Cancellations made twenty-four hours prior to class will be allowed one make up class per ten week session. Unfortunately, same day cancellations will be charged for the full class time with no ability to reschedule.

  • We understand that students may get sick- a make up class will be given only if the cancellation is received before 10 a.m. that morning.

  • The option of one of two scheduled dates in the final two weeks of the ten week session will be given to make up one missed class per session. Or a makeup class may be scheduled outside of the predetermined make-up times if a mutual agreement is made between the student and teacher. Scheduled make-up lessons missed by the student will not be made up.

  • All lessons missed because of the teacher’s absence or unscheduled closings such as a weather emergency will be made up and do not apply to our one make up class policy.

  • All make up lessons must be completed within the ten week session.

  • No tuition reduction, rebates, or credits will be given for missed lessons.


Withdrawal Policy

  • Any new student is allowed to withdraw from the session after two lessons with full refund for the remaining lessons.

  • After the fourth lesson, no refund will be given.



  • Although our teachers try their best to avoid possible conflicts, Rock Island Sound does not guarantee that teachers will not miss any lessons.

  • In the event that a teacher is ill or otherwise unable to attend a lesson, a qualified substitute teacher will conduct the lesson.

  • If a substitute teacher is unattainable, missed lessons will be made up.


Child Welfare:

  • Although Rock Island Sound strives to create the safest possible environment for all students, teachers and staff can not supervise children except during their scheduled lesson time.

  • Rock Island Sound does not assume responsibility of students security when parents choose to leave them unattended

  • Students are not to be left at Rock Island Sound for excessive amount of time before or after lessons.



  • Parents or legal guardians of minor students and adult students waive the right to any legal action for any injury sustained at Rock Island Sound upon registration, resulting from normal lesson activity or any other activity conducted by the students before, during, or after lesson time.


Photo Release:

  • Rock Island Sound is granted permission to take photographs of the students to use in brochures, advertisements, posters, websites, or any other promotional materials.

  • Permission is also granted for Rock Island Sound to copyright such photographs in its name.

  • All photographs are taken and used in a professional manner only.


Instrument Repairs:

  • Merchandise in repair will be sold after three months if not picked up. Several attempts will be made to contact owner, including final attempt at the end of three months, however we are not a storage facility.

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