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Nervous about learning a new instrument? Take the pressure off with our fun group music lessons in Tarrytown and the surrounding area! Group classes offer several unique advantages over one-on-one lessons.

When starting lessons, the anxiety of being one-on-one with an instructor and having to perform something totally new can be deeply unpleasant for some and even interfere with their learning. Being in a group, however, takes the spotlight off you. You’ll feel the comfort of being surrounded by others who are learning something new and making mistakes, just like you are.

Another challenge with a new musical skill is maintaining the motivation to stick with it and make progress. A group class means increased accountability because you are all in it together. You’ll want to work harder to do your part in making the class valuable for everyone.

Finally, it’s just a lot of fun to make music together with others. Our group music lessons in Tarrytown are an opportunity to explore something you love with others who feel the same way. You may even build new friendships around music that lasts long after the class is over.

Rock Island Sound in Tarrytown has group music lessons available for all ages. Book one today!

Contact Rock Island Sound for music lessons, band camps and music summer camps in Tarrytown or Rye focused on songwriting, playing in a rock band, fiddling, fingerstyle blues guitar, and more.

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