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Ready to learn a new musical instrument? Interested in voice lessons? Rock Island Sound in Tarrytown and Rye offer music lessons from professional instructors that can help you learn to sing, hold it down on drums or bass, or rock out on guitar! Our lesson studios offer private lessons for singers and musicians of all ages and abilities. We focus on making our music lessons fun, interactive, and personalized so that each student will have a better understanding of their instrument or voice.

Learning to sing or play an instrument is a rewarding experience. But from guitar lessons to piano lessons, violin lessons to drum lessons, finding the right music teacher can be challenging. Rock Island Sound offers music lessons in Tarrytown and Rye for GUITAR, PIANO, VOICE, BASS, DRUMS, UKULELE, MANDOLIN, BANJO, VIOLIN and much more for students of all levels. We also teach SONGWRITING and MUSIC PRODUCTION. Whether you're just thinking about getting started or you need help refining your skills, Rock Island Sound has an instructor that can help you succeed in your musical endeavors.

Our goal is to help you find the joy in music so you can express your love for art in new ways. Music lessons are great for kids, adults, and seniors. With our private music lessons in Tarrytown or Rye, small teacher-student ratios, and fun curriculum designed by professional instructors, you are sure to have a rewarding experience at Rock Island Sound. Please submit an appointment request below.

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Ready to start rockin’ today? Book professional music lessons in Tarrytown or Rye at Rock Island Sound.

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