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Rock Island Sound operates the top musical instrument repair shops in Tarrytown and Rye. Luthier services, guitar setups, and amplifier repair that match any in the city can be found right here in Westchester County. Our professional and experienced musical instrument repair technicians will restore your guitar, bass, or amplifier to its former glory! Our world-class luthier performs everything from simple restrings and setups to neck resets, grind and polishes and so much more. Both of our musical instrument repair shops in Rye and Tarrytown can set up guitars in a flash and fix any and all stringed instruments, amplifiers and speakers. However, for keyboard, guitar pedal, and recording equipment repair, we will need to refer you to an alternative establishment

Amplifier Repair Rates:

Shop Rate: $50.00 per hour 
Time is billed at 1/4 hour increments after the initial minimum bench fee.

Minimum Bench Fee: $45.00 – *non-refundable*
Inspection, troubleshoot and estimate repair. If repair is approved this applies towards the final repair cost, it is not an additional charge.

Estimates: Guitar setups and minor repairs of 1/2 hour or less are done without estimates. If the cost of the repair is estimated to be more than one hour plus parts, we get the customer’s approval prior to beginning the work. Deposits are not required unless special parts need to be ordered, or if repair costs will exceed the value of the unit.

Turnaround Time: Most musical instrument repairs at the Tarrytown or Rye locations average approximately 5-10 business days upon receipt of product. Availability of certain manufacturers parts can greatly affect times. We’ll let you know if this may be an issue.

Rush Fee: $50.00 Rush service is available, dependent on parts availability.

Warranty: We offer a 30-day warranty on all parts and 45-day on labor. Warranty covers only the original customer complaint and work performed. Unrelated problems to the original customer complaint will not be covered.* Please note that most musical instrument repairs in Rye and Tarrytown typically require 1 to 2 hours labor. Only actual repair bench time is charged. Play-testing is not counted as billable time.


Setups - $100 plus strings

Restrings - $40 plus strings



Direct - $40

Direct w/ routing - $70

Acoustic undersaddle - $60 + set up

Active pickup - $160

Soundhole pickup - $60

Jazz floating - $80

Coil tapping pickup - $40

5-way/3-way - $40



Cut a new nut - $50

Cut saddle - $50 + setup

Compensated saddle - $80 + setup



Grind and Polish - $160 (setup included)

Fret Jobs - $350 (setup included)

Bound board - $380 (setup included)

Maple board - $430 (setup included)

Fretless - $290



Top cracks - $90 and up

Cleats - $50

Brace repair - $50

Bridge reglue - $150 (setup included)

Broken headstock - $140 + up



Normal install - $25 to $65

Sperzel install - $55

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