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Established 2024

Established 2004
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TARRYTOWN: 914.333.0420
RYE:              914.967.0800



Established 2004

Flying Lessons
  • Pursue Your Musical Aspirations: At Rock Island Sound, we cater to those who envision themselves performing on stage alongside their musical idols. Our commitment is to turn your dreams into reality.

  • Comprehensive Musical Services: Our stores, located in Tarrytown and Rye, are your one-stop destination for:

    • Professional music lessons across various instruments and genres.

    • A wide selection of name brand musical instruments tailored to meet your needs.

    • Expert repair services to ensure your instrument always performs at its best.

    • Flexible rental options, providing access to high-quality instruments.

    • Unique opportunities to join rock bands and enhance your collaborative music-making skills.

  • A Tradition of Excellence: Since our inception in 2004, Rock Island Sound has dedicated itself to supporting musicians at every skill level. Whether you are just starting out, looking to refine your skills, or seeking to explore new musical horizons, our expert team is here to support your journey.

  • Your Musical Sanctuary: For those passionate about music, Rock Island Sound represents more than just a music store. It is a community where dreams are nurtured, talents are honed, and musical journeys are embarked upon with enthusiasm and expertise.

... If Music is your passion, Rock Island Sound is your place ...

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Interested in Music Lessons?

  • Empowerment through Music: Music serves as a potent catalyst for personal development, self-expression, and fostering connections within communities. Its impact on emotions and behaviors is profound, transcending the boundaries of expertise and experience.

  • Inclusive Learning Environment: Rock Island Sound is dedicated to providing music lessons across all instruments, catering to enthusiasts and learners at every stage – from beginners to advanced musicians. Our doors are open to students of all ages, ensuring a welcoming and supportive atmosphere for everyone.

  • Expertise and Tradition: Our team at Rock Island Sound boasts a wealth of knowledge in music education, backed by a longstanding track record of success with students over several decades. This expertise ensures a high-quality learning experience for all our students.

  • Comprehensive Lesson Offerings: Whether your interest lies in mastering the guitar, piano, voice, or drums, Rock Island Sound’s music stores in Tarrytown and Rye offer access to professional music teachers. Our instructors are committed to elevating your musical skills to new heights.

  • Strategic Locations for Accessibility: With locations in both Tarrytown and Rye, Rock Island Sound is strategically positioned to serve a broad community of music enthusiasts. Our stores are designed to be accessible and convenient for students seeking professional music education.

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