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How Do I Choose a Musical Instrument?

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

Have you considered making 2022 sound better by learning to play a musical instrument? If you’re wondering if playing an instrument is right for you, we can help at Rock Island Sound. Our professional instructors can guide your exploration of various different instruments to see what appeals to your tastes, physical abilities, and more. Let’s take a look at some of the factors involved in choosing a musical instrument.

What Kind of Music Do You Enjoy?

Obviously, if you enjoy classical piano music on a regular basis, a rock guitar is not a good fit. On the other hand, if rock bands from the 80s are your thing, you may want to explore guitar or even drums. Everyone has different tastes and that’s the beauty of music – there is something for everyone. Our team at Rock Island Sound can help you learn more about a variety of musical instruments to get a feel for what you may enjoy playing.

Where Do You Want to Play?

Some instruments are best played in solitude – and some match better with other instruments. Do you see yourself playing on stage with a group, leading a band, sharing your talent solo, or whiling away the hours alone with your music? This desire can help you choose the best instrument to learn and master. Also, where you plan to practice is important. If you have space at home and a smaller instrument that is easily mobile, you’re set. If you plan to learn piano and are only able to practice while taking lessons and not at home, you’re severely limited.

How Much Time Can You Invest?

Learning to play a musical instrument is an investment in time and effort. Nothing worthwhile happens overnight. Is your decision to learn how to play a musical instrument based on a sound idea of the time commitment? Some instruments require more practice and time than others. Some can be played anywhere and at any time. Others may restrict where and when you can practice. This, too, can be an important factor in choosing the best instrument for your lifestyle and interests.

What About Physical Abilities and/or Limitations?

If you’re 4’10” tall, a full-sized standup base is likely not a good fit for you. Youth and adults must consider their physical stature, strength, health, stamina, and more when choosing an instrument. Weights and sizes can easily make an instrument too cumbersome to enjoy – which means you will not practice and the instrument will collect dust in a corner until your next yard sale. Our team at Rock Island Sound can help you “try on” several instruments for size and practicality.

What About Singing?

If you want to play an instrument and sing, a saxophone is likely not a good choice. Drums will drown out most vocals, too. Playing a musical instrument and singing involves more than many people realize. You are focused on two different methods of expression simultaneously, and must do both well. Rock Island Sound offers voice/singing lessons as well as lessons for musical instruments from professional instructors.

What is Your Budget?

Obviously, your budget will be a large factor in choosing a musical instrument to learn and play. The instrument itself, maintenance, lessons, and other equipment are all budgetary factors to consider. Our team at Rock Island Sound can explain the basic needs for starting out on a variety of musical instruments, from absolute beginner levels and higher. We offer new and used instruments as well as rentals to meet almost any budget.

Our team at Rock Island Sound can help you explore the vast world of musical instruments and choose the best fit for your needs and desires. We also offer professional lessons to help you pursue excellence and sheer joy in musical expression. Contact us today – we help adults and youth find and learn to play musical instruments for personal, professional, or other purposes.

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